Scheduling Backup In Oracle

Performing and Scheduling Backups with Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager lets you perform all of the different backup types supported by RMAN, and schedule the different backup jobs required by your backup strategy.

Performing a Whole Database Backup with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Whole backups of a database are based on backing up the entire contents of the database at the time of backup. Full backups of all data files are created. The results may be stored as image copies or as backup sets, but in either case, the complete contents of all datafiles of the database are represented in the backup, as well as the control file, archived redo log, and server parameter file. With this set of files, you can perform complete recovery of the database

While whole database backups can be an important element in your overall backup strategy, they are also a required step in some situations, such as when you switch ARCHIVELOG mode on or off

Follows These Steps Which Is Given Below:-

  1. Create a Script file i.e backup.sql

2. Now by This Script File You Can take backup by Directly run Script File Or You Can Scheduled a Job in Enterprise Manager .

a) Take Backup Directly By Run Script File .

b) To Schedule Backup Through Enterprise Manager

Give All Permission To file

Open Enterprise Manager And Schedule the Job


Follow These Shese Steps By Given Video :- Click Here

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